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Investment Solutions

Investment Hierarchy

Investment Hierarchy

FC Wealth Solutions offers smarter wealth management solutions for our clients. We like to refer to it as “Climbing the Investment Hierarchy”. Previously, these solutions were only available to institutional and ultra-high net worth individuals and often required large investments along with high fees and long lock-up periods. They were also not customizable to your individual needs.

Fortunately, due to advances in technology and lower trading costs, things have changed. We can not only bring these advanced solutions to you but we can also tailor them to your specific needs. These advanced wealth management solutions are better alternatives compared to the traditional "buy and hold" approach that most traditional advisors use.

Our Principles

The guiding principle of our investment strategy is that economic growth is not a random walk. Instead it cycles between growth and contraction. These cycles create different investment cycles favorable for different assets at different times. During economic expansions, riskier assets such as stocks outperform. During economic contractions, defensive securities such as bonds tend to outperform.

Our strategies seek to identify where we are in these cycles and adapt our allocation of investments accordingly. They are designed to detect turning points in investment cycles by monitoring over 30 different forward-looking indicators using a disciplined, rules-based methodology. This methodology has been tested on over 30 years of data for its historical significance.

We believe evidence-based investing is better than ad-hoc investment decisions.

We don’t predict the markets, we react to the data we know in a consistent, disciplined fashion.

Emotions are our enemies in investing. Historical research and logic are better guides.

We do not believe markets can be timed with absolute precision but we do believe that we can find opportune times to put the odds on our side.

You need an investment plan not only for getting out of the market but also for getting back in.

We believe in transparency, not black-boxes. We want you to understand what we are doing so you believe in it as much as we do.

Why Is Risk So Important?

Investment risk isn't about tolerance, it's about the whole picture.

We use the Risk Odometer to help guide our investment decisions in our Core Equity Strategy, our flagship strategy we use to manage client assets.