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Investment Solutions

Investment Hierarchy

Investment Hierarchy

FC Wealth Solutions offers smarter wealth management solutions for our clients. We like to refer to it as “Climbing the Investment Hierarchy”. Previously, these solutions were only available to institutional and ultra-high net worth individuals and often required large investments along with high fees and long lock-up periods. They were also not customizable to your individual needs.

Fortunately, due to advances in technology and lower trading costs, things have changed. We can not only bring these advanced solutions to you but we can also tailor them to your specific needs. These advanced wealth management solutions are better alternatives compared to the traditional "buy and hold" approach that most traditional advisors use.

Our Principles

The guiding principle of our investment strategy is that economic growth is not a random walk. Instead it cycles between growth and contraction. These cycles create different investment cycles favorable for different assets at different times. During economic expansions, riskier assets such as stocks outperform. During economic contractions, defensive securities such as bonds tend to outperform.

Our strategies seek to identify where we are in these cycles and adapt our allocation of investments accordingly. They are designed to detect turning points in investment cycles by monitoring over 30 different forward-looking indicators using a disciplined, rules-based methodology. This methodology has been tested on over 30 years of data for its historical significance.

We believe evidence-based investing is better than ad-hoc investment decisions.

We don’t predict the markets, we react to the data we know in a consistent, disciplined fashion.

Emotions are our enemies in investing. Historical research and logic are better guides.

We do not believe markets can be timed with absolute precision but we do believe that we can find opportune times to put the odds on our side.

You need an investment plan not only for getting out of the market but also for getting back in.

We believe in transparency, not black-boxes. We want you to understand what we are doing so you believe in it as much as we do.

Why Is Risk So Important?

Investment risk isn't about tolerance, it's about the whole picture.

We use the Risk Odometer to help guide our investment decisions in our Core Equity Strategy, our flagship strategy we use to manage client assets.

What You Need to Know about Investment Management

Your investments are the foundation for your future wealth. Acquiring assets in your portfolio is only the first step toward reaching your financial goals. Investment management deals with buying and selling assets, but it’s also evaluating the performance of your portfolio and making sure it’s aligned with your investment objectives. Your risk tolerance plays an important role, too.

Why You Need to Work with a Professional

Managing financial assets is complicated because there are different rules and regulations about investing. When you work with our financial advisors, we can help you navigate the process and maximize your wealth-building ability. You also probably don’t have the time or resources to learn about
and manage your investment portfolio.

Our financial advisors are here to help you reach your financial goals. We want you to focus on living your best life while we make sure your money is working hard for you.

How Portfolio Management Reduces Risk

There are no risk-free investments. In fact, even keeping cash in the bank is risky, because you’re losing money due to inflation. That being said, we want to help you minimize your financial risk. Our portfolio management services can help you do just that. These are some strategies we use to minimize risk:
● We keep your portfolio balanced and diversified
● We ensure your assets fall within your risk tolerance limits
● We monitor and analyze your asset performance regularly
● We rebalance your portfolio as needed

Investment risk isn’t the only concern with your portfolio. It’s also important to pay attention to the tax
consequences of your investment holding. For example, as your portfolio managers, we may suggest
converting assets to prevent you from paying large amounts of capital gains tax.

Why Investing Is Key for your Future

You’re in charge of your financial future, and only you can decide what that looks like. While you may qualify for Social Security benefits, those probably won’t meet all your financial needs during retirement. For most people, investing is the best way to build long-term wealth. We can help you meet those
investment goals so you can live the life you want.

FAQs about Investment Management

If you’re new to investing, you probably have a lot of questions. Call us to receive answers specific to
your situation. In the meantime, we’ve answered some of the most common questions here.

How Much Should I Invest Each Month?
We can’t really give you a specific answer to this question without knowing more about your financial situation. As a general rule of thumb, most people recommend saving 10 to 15% of your paycheck for retirement. But if you need to catch up on your contributions, you may want to invest more. If you
foresee yourself working longer or expect a generous pension from your employer, you can contribute less and still build a sizable fund that covers your expenses.

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?
It’s actually not the amount of money in the bank that determines the date for your retirement, but the size of the income stream you can receive. It’s difficult to plan out your retirement with a large nest egg, because it seems like a lot of money. We highly recommend having a financial plan to manage your retirement income distributions to ensure you don’t outlast your retirement funds. If you would like to know whether or not you’re on track with your retirement savings, please contact us.

How Can I Increase My Return on Investments?
You want to achieve the best possible return on your investments. We’re here to facilitate that. We manage and analyze your asset performance for you, ensuring you’re building as much wealth as possible. Part of increasing your returns is also considering the rest of your finances. For example, we can help you minimize your tax burden.

Let Us Manage Your Investments for You

Let Us Manage Your Investments for You

We want to see you live life the way you want. Your investments are there to help you build the future you want and deserve. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our investment advisors today!