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How Financial Planning Impacts Your Wealth

How Financial Planning Impacts Your Wealth

When you create a financial plan with one of our advisors, we essentially create a blueprint for your wealth. Identifying your goals and objectives allows us to plan for your financial future. The goal of
building wealth isn’t just to have money in the bank. It’s about what your wealth can do for you, to create a life you enjoy. Our experienced financial planners know exactly how to structure your finances to maximize your ability to build wealth for your future. With all the complicated rules and regulations involved with investing, saving for retirement, taxes, and insurance, working with an expert can ease your stress levels and better
set you up for financial success.

Why Financial Planning Is Important

You’re the only one in control of your financial future. It’s up to you to make the best decision for
yourself and your family. When you leave things to chance or postpone saving and investing, you’re
hurting your chances of having a comfortable and adventurous retirement.
You may think you don’t need financial planning because you save or invest from time to time. But
without creating a plan and taking steps to better your financial future, you’re not able to build wealth. It
takes time, and it requires some sacrifices, but you can make a difference by creating and following a
financial plan tailored to your needs and goals.

How Financial Planning Increases Your Wealth

Our experienced financial planners take a big-picture view of your finances. We will not focus on eliminating your cup of coffee, but we will make sure you don’t pay more in taxes than you need to. By aligning your finances with your investment goals, you can actually invest more money in your future.
Your financial plan also includes your insurance policies. After all, an insurance policy is usually the first line of defense in a financial crisis. This includes liability insurance, life insurance, and long-term care insurance. Without insurance, you may deplete all your wealth when something bad happens. That's why we've developed a tool called the risk odometer - to analyze how well prepared you are for events that are out of your control.

Examples of Financial Planning

Financial planning includes a lot of different areas of finance and insurance. It’s a comprehensive process that’s designed to help you protect and grow your wealth. Here are some examples of financial planning in action:

- Setting up a whole life insurance policy to care for disabled dependents
- Building an investment portfolio that reflects your risk tolerance and time frame
- Using tax planning to save more for retirement and pay less in income taxes                                                                                                                                    - Creating a savings plan to put your child through college
- Converting your assets to avoid high capital gains tax

When we work with you on your financial plan, it may look very different from these examples. Financial planning is a very personalized process, and it changes through life’s big transitions.

FAQs about Financial Planning

How Can Financial Planning Improve My Life?
With financial planning, you can keep more of the money you earn for yourself, spend less on taxes, and prepare yourself for the future. Having a roadmap for your finances is the only way to build a prosperous future for yourself and your family. Think about how your life could be more enjoyable right now. Then call us and let us know about your goals, so we can help you achieve them.

Do I Really Need a Financial Plan?
If you don’t really care about your financial future or building wealth, you probably don’t need a plan.
But if you want more for yourself or want to make sure you’re on track to reach your investment goals, a
financial plan is extremely important. Your financial plan is there to help you reach your financial goals
and milestones.

What Should My Financial Planning Include?
There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Your financial plan may need to include term life
insurance if you have young dependents and are the primary wage earner. But if you’re nearing
retirement, you may be more concerned about setting up an estate plan. We’d love to help you meet
your financial goals, whatever they are. But we need to get to know you a little before we can make
useful recommendations for you.

It’s Time to Make a Plan for Your Financial Future

It’s Time to Make a Plan for Your Financial Future

Don’t wait any longer. The time to plan for your financial future so that you can fully enjoy your life is now. We’re here to create a personalized financial plan that helps you meet your goals. Call us today to
make an appointment.