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Investment Hierarchy

FC Wealth Solutions offers smarter wealth management solutions for our clients. We like to refer to it as “Climbing the Investment Hierarchy”. Previously, these solutions were only available to institutional and ultra-high net worth individuals and often required large investments along with high fees and long lock-up periods. They were also not customizable to your individual needs.

Fortunately, due to advances in technology and lower trading costs, things have changed. We can not only bring these advanced solutions to you but we can also tailor them to your specific needs. These advanced wealth management solutions are better alternatives compared to the traditional "buy and hold" approach that most traditional advisors use.

Our Principles

The guiding principle of our investment strategy is that economic growth is not a random walk. Instead it cycles between growth and contraction. These cycles create different investment cycles favorable for different assets at different times. During economic expansions, riskier assets such as stocks outperform. During economic contractions, defensive securities such as bonds tend to outperform.

Our strategies seek to identify where we are in these cycles and adapt our allocation of investments accordingly. They are designed to detect turning points in investment cycles by monitoring over 30 different forward-looking indicators using a disciplined, rules-based methodology. This methodology has been tested on over 30 years of data for its historical significance.
  • We believe evidence-based investing is better than ad-hoc investment decisions.
  • We don’t predict the markets, we react to the data we know in a consistent, disciplined fashion.
  • Emotions are our enemies in investing. Historical research and logic are better guides.
  • We do not believe markets can be timed with absolute precision but we do believe that we can find opportune times to put the odds on our side.
  • You need an investment plan not only for getting out of the market but also for getting back in.
  • We believe in transparency, not black-boxes. We want you to understand what we are doing so you believe in it as much as we do.

Investing Strategies

FC Wealth Solutions offers a dynamic approach to asset management. Our approach is an alternative to the traditional “buy-and-hold” approach which adheres to static allocations across various asset classes. We believe this approach subjects investors large amounts of volatility during adverse market conditions. We believe in strategically altering our asset allocations between stocks, bonds and cash with our proprietary models that monitor over 30 different fundamental and technical indicators in order to detect turning points in investment cycles.

The goal of the various strategies is to capture the long-term returns of the markets while minimizing large drawdowns often associated with traditional buy-and-hold approaches. Our core trading strategies have been tested on over 30 years of market data to determine their historical significance.

Our advisors will create customizable portfolio solutions for your individual needs through the use of our various strategies. We will seek to understand your goals, risk tolerance and other financial risks in order to determine the most appropriate mix for you. Our various strategies are listed below:


Core Equity Strategy

The Core Equity Strategy is an actively managed ETF strategy that trades across equity and bond markets. It focuses on making strategic asset allocation decisions using a systematic, rules-based methodology that monitors a wide range of fundamental and technical indicators. It is often fully invested in equities but has the ability to turn to cash in order to protect against adverse market shocks. It’s rules-based methodology has been tested on over 35 years of market data for historical significance.

The goal of the Core Equity Strategy is to capture the long-term returns of the equity market but minimize the volatility often associated with a traditional buy & hold approach.

Core Bond Strategy
The Core Bond Strategy is an actively managed ETF strategy that invests in various passively managed fixed-income (bond) ETF’s. It is a rules-based system that monitors a wide range of fundamental and technical indicators to determine its allocation. It maintains a core position with satellite holdings that give it the ability to overweight outperforming and/or cheap sectors of the bond market. It can also make strategic investments in cash securities in order to protect it against adverse market shocks. It’s rules-based methodology has been tested on over 35 years of market data for historical significance.
Tactical S&P Strategy
The Tactical S&P Strategy is a short-term, mean-reversion trading strategy that trades in and out of the S&P 500. The goal of the strategy is to generate equity like returns regardless of the overall direction of the market. The strategy is opportunistic in nature, meaning it will remain in cash a majority of the time and only participate when it detects opportunity. It will typically hold positions for three to four days on average and remain in cash nearly 50% of the time. It monitors a wide range of fundamental and technical indicators with a systematic, rules-based approach in order to detect historically consistent trading patterns. It could be considered an alternative investment in a typical portfolio.
Tactical All Asset Strategy
The Tactical All Asset Strategy is a diversified actively managed ETF strategy that maintains diversified allocations across all asset classes. It holds positions in domestic and international equities, fixed income and real estate markets. It can allocate significant portions to cash or other defensive securities to protect against adverse shocks. The goal of the Tactical All Asset Strategy is to generate similar returns of a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds without the volatility often associated with a traditional buy and hold approach.
High Dividend Strategy
The High Dividend Strategy is a basket of domestic ETF’s that focuses on high dividend stocks. The strategy seeks a diversified approach to various dividend focused strategies that display strong track records, liquidity and cost-effective expense ratios.


Dynamic All-Asset Portfolios
FCWS manages three all-asset ETF portfolios focused on tactical allocation within and across, the equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes. The firm’s three portfolios are managed for clients with either conservative, moderate or aggressive investment risk profiles. In constructing the portfolios FCWS tactically allocates each in consideration of the risk profile and market conditions in the major asset classes. The All-Asset portfolios retain the flexibility to move a significant portion of the portfolio into cash during periods of market deterioration.
Dynamic Global Equity
Our Global Equity portfolio uses a core/satellite approach that provides the flexibility to set a tactical course while at the same time retaining the ability to manage around short-term, and often volatile, movements in equity markets. Central to our portfolio construction is the employment of a systematic, risk-mitigating strategy designed to participate in equity price rallies while maintaining the ability to move entirely into cash during periods of market deterioration.
Dynamic Income Portfolio
The Multi-Asset Income strategy seeks to optimize portfolio income while assuming moderate levels of risk. The strategy invests in various ETFs that may include equity, bond, alternative asset, or multi-asset exposures. FCWS adjusts the portfolio’s allocations to account for changing trends in asset prices, investor sentiment, market risk premiums and fundamental market conditions. Given that the strategy goal is income, the portfolio seeks to remain near fully-invested at all times.
Equity Dividend Portfolio
The Equity Dividend Growth portfolio seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted total returns via fundamental evaluation of a company’s business prospects and its ability to pay and grow its dividend streams over time. This individual equity based strategy remains near fully invested at all times and is comprised of a diverse selection of stocks paying material dividends. The strategy also pinpoints investment in those companies that are expected to grow their dividends, those companies expecting attractive growth in their business going forward; and finally those companies that have strong fundamental operating attributes.


Investment risk isn't about tolerance, it's about the whole picture.

We use the Risk Odometer to help guide our investment decisions in our Core Equity Strategy, our flagship strategy we use to manage client assets.
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